Sicily Lost for 35 Nerve Wracking Days

Hi everyone,

Please find below a guest contribution from Jan Schade:

My 89-year-old Father, with health problems, and his four cats, moved in to live with us in a small house in our back yard. Accidentally the 12 year old black cat he had named Sister, slipped out a door. She had always been shy and he failed to notice or tell me until the next day.

I immediately began a search. Contacted the neighbors. Put up signs on the street corners. Contacted the local shelters. Walked and drove around every day looking for her. Cried I was heartbroken as she was part of our family.

The days and weeks went by. I knew she was in a strange neighborhood and completely lost. I hoped someone was helping her…then one evening our standard poodle Redd found her in our garage!!! Sister had found us! She had survived 35 days of hunger and being lost. She was very thin and had a fungus infection on her legs, but now is doing well with lots of food and medical care.

We have moved Sister into our house and renamed her Sicily. She will never be lost or hungry again. She was too shy of a cat for my elderly Dad to take care of, so she is where she needs to be now. We are all happy! Jan

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2 thoughts on “Sicily Lost for 35 Nerve Wracking Days

  1. catladymac says:

    What a happy ending ! We wonder if she was nearby all the time but too shy to come out. No matter – she is safe and well now !

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