Guest Star: Finley

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Today’s guest story comes from Lynn about her rescue cat Finley:

When I first decided to give a home to a rescue cat I knew I would like a black and white boy and wanted to call him Finley. When I spotted him on the Cats Protection web site he was about 4 month old, black and white and already named Finley! He spent the first week living on the attic stairs complete with food and litter tray. I sat at the bottom and talked to him but left him to venture out in his own time. When a little furry face appeared at the sitting room door I knew we’d cracked it. And I gradually moved his belongings into the kitchen.

Now he never leaves my side, even in the bathroom! In the morning it’s a race to see who gets to the bar of soap first. He likes to lick it before it gets wet. At least his teeth are clean! He has his own special places throughout the house for different times of the day, there is the settee for early evening, a pile of cat blankets in the conservatory for daytime and a cushion outside the bedroom door for evenings, but he will only settle when he knows where I am. I am usually woken up by a paw carefully placed on my face or a lick if I try to ignore him. Unfortunately he is an early riser, but there is no ignoring him so I usually give in and feed him.

Finley is an indoor cat as I live on a busy road, but he enjoys walking round the back garden on a harness and lead. He even jumps up onto a chair so I can put his lead on, I’m lucky it’s never been a problem for him. He will happily walk through puddles and has tried to step into the pond, thank goodness I had hold of his lead! His very favourite thing in the garden is worm wrestling. I suspect he gets more out of it than the worms! At least most of the wild life is safe from his curious little paws, though he’s also partial to a spider if he can find one. When I come home he is always waiting in the window and only gets down when I put the key in the lock. It’s lovey to be wanted especially by a special cat like Finley.

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