Rosie and La-di-dah

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Please find below a guest story from Claudia about Rosie and La-di-dah:

Early one morning, before anyone else woke up, I went out into my garden and found 5 newly born kittens under a rose bush, huddled together with no mom in sight. I looked closer, and was immediately drawn to a black kitten with a lightening bolt of white right along her nose, looking directly at me, without any sign of fear in her eyes.

I found a storage box in the garage, and as I picked up each kitten to place in the box, they all hissed at me, except for one…Rosie (named because she was found under a rose bush). Without thinking about it, I claimed Rosie as mine. I think she claimed me as hers on the spot as well. My daughter and I hand fed each kitten using an ear cleaning bulb and kitten milk. One kitten was a particularly messy eater (later to be named La-di-dah). We found homes for the 3 perfect tuxedo cats in the litter.

My daughter Trina took La-di-dah, and I kept my Rosie. Sadly, Trina’s 5 year old tabby completely rejected La-di-dah, batting her across the face and hissing at her, so we decided to keep her along with Rosie. Watching them grow up together, I was amazed at how different 2 cats could be, with Rosie being adventurous, agile, curious, unconditionally affectionate, craves human touch, and is always hungry, La-di-dah has difficulty with climbing and jumping, is skittish, resists being touched, is a finicky eater, but is most nurturing, and very loving on her own terms. Together they are Yin and Yang. Rosie and La-di-dah have been sisters and best buds for 5 years, and we are very fortunate to have them as part of our family.

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Philadelphia, PA

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