Puzzle Paws – The Pawsome Puzzle Helping Aid Cat Rescue One Treat At A Time By The Kitty Café

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Please find below a guest post by Kitty Cafe:

It is important we understand the impact the current global pandemic has had on our furry felines. Many of our kitties are advised to stay indoors if there hoomans are in the vulnerable category, which can be hard on our furry companions. It is important to give our cats an activity that can keep them occupied throughout the day and more importantly encourage exercise by giving them an outlet for there hunting/prey instincts. We introduce to you – Puzzle Paws.

Puzzle Paws is a colourful treat dispenser that urges your cats to get active. The ball is designed to dispense treats after a round of play, giving your furry felines an outlet for hunting/prey instincts. During these uncertain times, it is important we keep our cats both mentally and physically stimulated, whilst also improving their wellbeing by giving them an activity that will keep them engaged throughout the day.

COVID-19 has hit everyone hard and as a business we too have felt the impact of the current global pandemic. We are Kitty Café, an organisation who rescue, rehabilitate, and rehome rescue cats.

Our current struggles have meant we need to look further afield to find new ways of generating funding for our cafés across the UK and to help with the upkeep of the cats currently in our care. Over the years we have made it our aim to take as many cats into our care as possible from rescue cats, to strays, to cats who have had medical issues – we take them in and look after them until they find their forever home.

You can find us in Nottingham, Leeds, Birmingham and Leicester and as you can imagine we have a large number of cats in our care, all who need looking after, medical treatment and the right food and facilities to keep them fit and healthy.

We have teamed up with ProtoHype, a fantastic company who create innovative products, and we have created – Puzzle Paws. A pawsome puzzle for your purrfect puss.

Puzzle Paws is made with food-safe and durable materials so there are no safety risks to your kitty. Simply fill with treats and watch them play! It really is that easy. Puzzle Paws has also been designed for easy cleaning so no harsh smells will build up and cause an odour in your home.

We could not resist taking a few Puzzle Paws into our cafés and letting the real judges show us what they think. It is safe to say the result was pretty meow-mazing! We made sure to capture it all on camera for your viewing pleasure so make sure to head over to the campaign to give the video a watch! Oh, and did we mention there is an abundance of cute cat pictures like the ones on this blog post? It’s pretty paw-some.

We have started prices as little as £5 and there are up to five colour variations to choose from: Pink, Purple, Orange, Green and Blue, so there is sure to be a Puzzle Paws fit for the fussiest of felines.

Like you, we are passionate about cats and we truly believe in this fun and fantastic product. If we can provide a product that lets our cats have fun, whilst keeping them active and happy during these darker times, then that is really all we can ask for! Let our cats live long and paws-purr. That’s a motto we should all live by, right?

If you would like to support Puzzle Paws, you can do so by clinking this link: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/puzzle-paws-a-puzzle-for-your-purrfect-puss#/ which will take you to our Indiegogo campaign page. The campaign has just under one month left to go to reach our £1,000 goal, which we can achieve with the help of lovely people, like you! A portion of the proceeds earned will go towards cat rescue. We appreciate any support you can give during these uncertain times. Every pledge is truly appreciated.

Follow us over on our socials, to keep up to date with how we are doing. You never know, your new furry companion could currently be in our care!

Facebook: @KittyCafeUK
Instagram: @Kittycafeuk
Twitter: @KittyCafeUK1
Website: https://www.kittycafe.co.uk/

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