6 Ways to Be an Eco-Friendly Cat Owner

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Sustainable shopping is challenging enough, but for your pets, there might be even fewer options. Fortunately nowadays, there are more and more eco-friendly brands for cat food, litter, toys and accessories, so you can treat your feline friend guilt-free. There are other sustainable ways in which you can take care of your cat, just by changing a couple of habits. Cats like the natural environment as much as any animal, so you want to protect it for them. Here are six ways to be an eco-friendly cat owner.

Buy cat food in bulk

Buying cat food, and litter is better for the environment because you’ll reduce the emissions spent on packaging and shipping. You’ll also save money as well so it’s win win. It’s also practical to buy in bulk because you’ll be able to stock up on food and litter for longer. Most cat owners will know that it doesn’t take long to get through all their food, so you might as well do your bit for the environment by buying in bulk.

Sustainable cat food

Look for eco-concious brands that have chosen to make the lowest possible environmental impact. You could even look into zero waste cat food. More and more shops are offering zero waste products, and for pets to. Here is a basic guide to zero waste pet food. Many people even make their own cat food. This is easy enough to do so if you really want to be an eco-friendly cat owner, you could try out some new recipes. Cats will eat a range of things from raw meat, to cook meat, to veggies. Speak to your vet beforehand about an appropriate diet for your cat according to its age, size and nutritional requirements.

Buy eco-friendly toys

As well as food brands, you can also find eco-friendly toys. These are often made from recycled materials. Let’s face it, your cat won’t know any different and they’ll end up chewing them apart anyway. Why waste so much money on new toys that are just going to end up in a landfill? Some cat toys are made from sustainable materials such as hemp and bamboo, these are also biodegradable. Ensure you buy more durable toys as well. This will mean less of an environmental impact and you won’t need to replace them as often. It will save you a lot of money in the long run.

Give cats their independence

Respect the natural environment and get your garden ready for cats. You could even install a cat flap. There are several eco-friendly options that won’t cause a draft in your house, making you waste energy on your heating bill. Check out the range of cat flaps and cat products at https://www.bestcatproducts.co.uk/best-cat-flaps/. You’ll surely be able to find something appropriate for your home. Cats have a wild side and there are many health benefits to giving them their indepedence. Make sure they’re ok to go outside as keeping cats safe is important. Having a cat flap also reduces the amount of waste in the litter tray and how often you need to change it.

Biodegradable pet waste bags

Even if they do go outside you might still choose to use a litter tray. Instead of emptying this out with plastic bags, however, try using a more sustainable option. Check out some of the best biodegradable pet waste bags on the market. This way you won’t have to waste dozens of carrier bags cleaning our your cat’s litter box. When you’re cleaning your home after your pet, or just in general, look into environmentally-friendly cleaning products as well. You can DIY many of these at home with household ingredients such as baking soda and white wine vinegar.

Buy eco-friendly cat litter

Last but not least, try and source eco-friendly cat litter. Have a look at some of the best eco-friendly cat litter in 2020. Eco-friendly cat litter is a better long-term solution than even just buying in bulk. Traditional cat litter is made from clay which requires a significant amount of resources to produce and can contain toxic materials. Eco-friendly brands are trying out different materials, so choose the one that works best for you.

Some people even make their own cat litter. You can use things like old newspaper, sawdust, or wood chips. It seems like to be the best eco-friendly cat owner you can be, DIY is key. Always consult your vet for any help and advice before you try something new.


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3 thoughts on “6 Ways to Be an Eco-Friendly Cat Owner

  1. franhunne4u says:

    Last year I changed to eco-friendly cat litter, made from wheat – and now I even have a pellet litter also made from wheat, because during the pandemic we ran out of the first and I had to buy the pellets, and Kessy loves that.

  2. Springahead says:

    Hi – I’m surprised that this article neglects to mention that you should keep your cat inside to be an “Ecofriendly” cat owner. The impact of domestic cats on songbirds is huge, and decreases biodiversity and disrupts ecosystems, etc. Check out this article for more information: https://www.nationalgeographic.com/animals/article/caught-by-cats-birds.

    And if, after learning how many birds and small mammals are needlessly killed by domestic cats annually (including YOUR ECO FRIENDLY CAT), you still feel you need to let your cat have “independence,” please consider something like the Bird Be Safe collar to try and cut down on the damage your cat does.

    The other items in this article are OK but it seems irresponsible to ignore this major problem with domestic cats.

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