Purrsday Poetry: Shadow – A Poem

Hi everyone,

Today’s entry in Purrsday Poetry comes from Kri:

You know the precious animal that follows you around and always seem to be right at your feet or behind you. No matter where you go or turn You know they are there. Well that is how my little Chewy is. This Poem is dedicated to her

24131025_1732014636832374_4091299192732813740_n.jpgStarted off so small
wonderful little Lady
Feisty and Determined
Voice as soft as silk.

Darting from one end to the other
Always right were we are
Making yourself known
Bright golden eyes
Peering into me

Full of Wonder
barely a month old
With a full belly
And tiny pitter patter.

But loving
tiny teeth chewing
my shadow

Remember when you would try to run
Yet would not move a inch
Then fall over?


You have grown so much
Yet your still young.
A year old in November.

Still as feisty and active
Still a shadow
Still wants to chew on everything.
my Tiny shadow.

Waiting in the kitchen while I cook
In the bathroom while I get ready
Beside me while I walk around
Always there
a little shadow.

Fur like a mixed candy
Soft as silk
softest of eyes
How I love you.

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