Infographic: A Cats Purr Healing Power infographic

Hi everyone,

In the spirit of our previous Guest star article for Ronronthérapie find below a very interesting infographic as to why a cats purr helps us feel better. 🙂

Cat Purrs Healting Power

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5 thoughts on “Infographic: A Cats Purr Healing Power infographic

  1. Joyful2bee says:

    I experienced this when I had two cats. I awoke at 2 AM and was very, nauseous. I rarely ever throw up or feel nauseous. I got up for a cold wash rag to put on my forehead and laid back down with it in place. One cat lay down on one side of my head, the other cat on the other side. They started purring. I don’t know what happened but the nausea stopped almost instantly and I was asleep immediately. When I woke up the next day the nausea was still gone.

  2. Kelly Jefferies says:

    I have 5 autoimmune disorders and I swear my cat Kenny & late cat Charlie (who will be featured as a guest star July 25th here on Katzenworld) always know/knew when I need(ed) extra help. Charlie used to massage my tummy for me (I have Crohn’s Disease & Behçet’s Syndrome which both affect the bowels). I’ve recently switched from one biologic drug (Infliximab) to another (Adalimumab) so I’m struggling as my body gets used to the switch & Kenny is spending more time on the bed with me, giving me snuggles, head butts & plenty of purring as if he knows I need some relief. I also suffer from chronic anxiety &, when I had a panic attack out of nowhere 2 weeks ago, Kenny came running upstairs immediately to sit with me as if he knew, which alerted my husband who also came to check on me. Cats are the purrfect pick-me-up when you’re unwell or stressed!

  3. Rohvannyn says:

    My new kittens are amazing purring machines – I call little Hiroshi “Instapurr” because the moment you touch him or pick him up, his little purr motor gets going, which is even louder than his sister’s. They are wonderful little cats. And yeah, I can feel my blood pressure dropping and my stress melting away as I hold either one of them.

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