Oliver: Is This our new Space Ship?

Hi everyone,

It’s me Oliver here today with some news from Katzenworld HQ! If like me you are thinking this is a new spaceship it certainly does resemble it a little! đŸ˜€

But it’s far cooler than that… but let’s start from the beginning.

Renegade: Humans! Can you unpack our Catspad for us please?

Renegade: So it is unpacked… but what does it do?

Oliver: We are getting there humans. It looks setup properly now! đŸ˜€

Oliver: Rennie… I think the humans still need to a few settings on the app that belongs to this.

Oliver: Let me see if I can give the humans a paw.

Freya: Guys… I think you should just wait for the humans to set this up instead of being so nosey!

Freya: See guys… the Catspad monitors all kind of things like the water level in the reservoir of water below the feeding and water station!

Freya: And Rennie… remember where you stuck your head in earlier? That’s the food tank! Once the food is is put in there the humans can control when the Catspad dispenses food or even give you some crunchies on demand!

Oliver & Rennie: Did the humans just dispense the food? đŸ˜€

Oliver: They most certainly did! Time for tasty food!

Freya: That’s right. That’s exactly what they did. But of course there is much more to what this can do. đŸ˜‰

So let’s have a look at the benefits of the Catspad:

healthy diet icon

A Healthy Diet

Feed each cat several small meals throughout the day; as recommended by vets. Program & schedule meals through the app.

water icon

Fresh Water

Encourage your cat to drink more and reduce the risk of health issues. The fountain provides fresh, filtered, moving water.

cats icon

Perfect for Multi-Cat Households

The Catspad recognizes each one of your cats by reading their Catspad collar tags (included).

graph icon

Monitor Health

Check in on your pets at any time. Monitoring eating and drinking habits is key to detecting potential health issues quickly.

Freya: The free app that comes with this allows your cat guardian to assign a specific feeding schedule to each of you cats living in the household! The way it works is that you attach the Catspad tag to an existing collar to enable the device to locate you and help your human create a profile through the app:

Freya: As you can see above it’s super easy to setup a profile for us felines. đŸ˜€ And these profiles are very useful… From profiles such as the one below your humans can easily see weither you are eating and drinking enough.

Freya: Or in the case of our grand gourmand Renegade if he is eating too much… ;o

And fear not since you can manage through the app how much one of us is allowed to consume you can also stop little gourmands from having too much food dispensed for them!

Oliver: That sounds all pawesome but what if there is a power cut?

Freya: Fear not… as the team behind Catspad has thought about this as well! It comes with an emergency battery in order to continue to work on it’s own for up to a month so your humans will have complete peace of mind that we will continue to have access to fresh food and water. đŸ˜€

Freya: And during this summer Catspad is offering 100 Euros off on the Catspad so why not ask your humans to head over to their store today!

Nubia: Ha… after all this talking the others still left me some food!

Signed by,

His Meowjesty Prince Renegade the Flash
Her Meowjesty Queen Freya the Snow Leopard
His Meowjesty King Oliver the Maker of Mischief
Her Meowjesty Queen Nubia the Disturber of Peace

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