Guest Star: Giselle Minou’s Weekend Tips

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Hi everyone, it’s me, Giselle Minou, back for a Saturday visit. While we’re all still getting used to the newest round of restrictions in the pandemic, I thought you might need some extra tips on how to get your weekend chores done, stay safe, and be entertained, all at the same time.

My crucial tip for starting off the weekend- a cappuccino. I always think it looks like it will smell nice, but then I change my mind:

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After that you will have plenty of energy, so it’s the perfect time to do the laundry. When the clothes are dry, you plop them out of the basket onto the bed to fold them. That’s the cue to jump into the pile. Ahhhh, delightful – warm laundry!

A cat sleeping on a bed Description automatically generated

If you would like to invite a friend over, you can now, as long as your friend stays outside and you both keep up the social distancing. I like to invite my friend Carmen the Squirrel to come over and sunbathe. She stretches herself out on the deck so that the sun warms her fur, and we have a nice chat together. Here’s what Carmen looks like all fluffed out in the sunshine by the fig tree:

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At the end of the day, I take a moment to think about things I am grateful for, like long whiskers, scrumptious salmon treats, and comfy laps. Also, I am really grateful to all the health care and essential worker heroes, so I have this rainbow of appreciation for them:

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Stay safe everybody,

Giselle Minou

P.S. Thinking up my weekend tips uncovered so many tips in English- it’s an entertainment parade of its own! The tip of your nose is an intrinsic part of your nose, but the tip of a pool cue is the little extra piece that’s added to the top. (I do not have an extra piece added to my nose!) There’s the tip for the barista, the tip for dumping the garbage in, a tip [=light tap] off a baseball or cricket bat, to tip over your cereal bowl so the milk spills out on the table, to get a hot tip on a news story, to tip your hat to someone. Whoo!

And that’s not even counting idiomatic uses like “It’s on the tip of my tongue” [= I can’t remember it, but I’m so close], “to tip one’s hand” [= to inadvertently give away information that you were supposed to keep secret], and “the tip of the iceberg” [= only the beginning in a whole pile of problems]. English words are quite puzzling to me. Cat language is more precise, you know.

Bye for now, Giselle Minou

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