A Perfect pet Photo Gallery From Blooming Artificial

Inspired by the desire to spread joy and positivity, Blooming Artificial have launched a photo gallery featuring the best submissions from their recent pets-with-plants photo competition.

In need of a pick-me-up? Just want to look at some cute animals? This might be just the photo gallery for you.

Blooming Artificial recently challenged the public to send in their cutest photos of adorable pets alongside both real and artificial plants, in a bid to spark joy. The best submissions have now been collated into a photo gallery on the Blooming Artificial website, providing visitors with plant inspiration and plenty of smiles.

  • Research has shown that both plants and pets are natural mood-boosters, which made combining the two in a just-for-fun gallery a total no-brainer. In a recent Blooming Artificial survey, 96% of respondents said that indoor plants helped to improve their mood.
  • The gallery features pets and plants of a wide variety, aiming to lift the spirits of site visitors and inspire animal-lovers to bring greenery into their homes.
  • No matter your pet preferences, from cute cats to perfect pups, the mood-boosting gallery features images that are sure to bring a smile to everyone’s face!

It is well known that animal companions can help give owners incredible health benefits, helping to reduce stress, anxiety and loneliness. And who hasn’t searched for a cute animal image to cheer them up on a down day? Blooming Artificial’s mood-boosting gallery aims to be the ultimate collection of adorable photos for all your pick-me-up, animal photo needs.

The gallery also aims to help inspire animal owners to bring greenery into their homes without the fear of harming their beloved animals. Pet owners don’t have to miss out on the benefits plants can have, and there are plenty of great picks in the gallery to prove it.

For more plants-with-pets photos, visit the hashtag #BloomingCute on Instagram to see even more competition submissions!

You are welcome to share images from the gallery when covering it in any upcoming features, but must cite the source URL or include the image gallery URL hyperlinked within image attribution.

To view the full gallery, visit: https://www.bloomingartificial.co.uk/pets-and-plants-photo-gallery

For more information, contact amie@further.co.uk

Additional information

Based in Great Yarmouth, Blooming Artificial Limited is one of the UK’s leading retailers of realistic artificial plants, flowers and trees. Trading since 2008, they now import directly from a range of manufacturers across the world.

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