Purrsday Poetry: He Braved Me Once

“Yes, run! Just like the neighbor’s old Great Dane
Who flies for freedom when he hears me yowl!
He braved me once, and then let out a howl
When all my claws reminded him of pain.
What did he think? That monster was insane
To bark and hurl at me! Well, with a growl,
A leap, and then with cat cusses real foul
I gored him back to whining pup with chain.

So, how do you, frail freckled fawn, believe
You’ve grazing rights throughout my neighborhood?
What were you doing there behind my house?!
Yes, hurry up! Don’t miss your chance to leave!
I’ll slash your hide! I hope that’s understood.
In your last life I’d swear you were a mouse!”

Written May 27, 2010 © Anissa Nedzel Gage, All rights reserved
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