Giselle Minou’s Saturday Suggestions for Stay-at-home Activities

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Hi everyone, I’m Giselle Minou, with some handy tips for you if you are now doing work from home. I’m quite used to working from home, so I have put together a nice variety of my favorite activities. I’m a rescue kitty, the runt of my litter, and I was undernourished when I was found:

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So you can see how my stay-at-home plan has worked! I am now strong and healthy, a luxuriously-whiskered feline of good cheer. This plan may work for you, too!

Number one on my list is a good snooze. In the sun is the best place, so if there is sun at your house, be sure to lie right down in that spot. You can take your snooze before work, after work, or during work, as I demonstrate here.

Now I know you’ve got extra stress at this time, so sniffing flowers is a good de-stressing activity. It’s pretty simple, and you can choose your own flowers and sniffing positions. Here is how I do it:

Don’t forget to do some kind of stretching, which is particularly beneficial for stress-reduction, and it feels very nice. I recommend an inverted position, though yours may differ. Here is my technique:

Finally, sometime before you go to bed, it’s really good to make sure you’ve taken at least one run through the home to chase imaginary marauders. I usually like to do this at around 5pm, because I think that’s when imaginary marauders tend to attack. First, I crouch down, twerk a little bit, ruffling my tuchus fur, and then I burst into action, racing to and fro at high speeds. This activity also happens to help with cardiovascular fitness, though that is not my main objective.

OK, everybody, that’s it for now. I’m sending you purrs and wishes to stay safe and healthy,

Giselle Minou

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