Purrsday Poetry: Words Unsaid To My Cat (Alt.: ‘Gone’)

Hi everyone,

Today’s entry in our poetry section comes from Scribbles of my quest:

Wherever you are, I hope you are spoiled and loved.

What were the odds?

I didn’t ask for you but you pranced into my life anyways.

Pretty soon our lives entwined but the seasons change,

I found myself shedding a cascade of tears when I went away.

They were of guilt and fear and love, the agonizing torture of missing you,

I thought it odd that thoughts of you hadn’t occupied my days,

I thought it odd that your form hadn’t plagued my dreams,

Though they were lovely and indulgent, one day they went away.

And when the keeper lost track of the days you made yourself scarce,

I thought, staying positive, you were holding out for me.

Eventually, the sun had risen on the day I returned from my quest,

To lay my eyes upon you once more.

Silence returned my calls, Your shadows remained so,

And the chill in the air remained,

the chill in my chest came to fruition.

How odd, you became my anchor and my strength,

And now it is you who has gone away.

If you have a poem or story of your own to share please get in touch with us.

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4 thoughts on “Purrsday Poetry: Words Unsaid To My Cat (Alt.: ‘Gone’)

  1. catladymac says:

    I almost dread to read this weekly post, it is so often sad. (Over the 45+ years I have owned cats, I have wept over the so often I shy away from weeping even more over cats I technically don’t know.)

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