CBD Oil For Cats: Is It Safe?

If you are a cat owner, you might be familiar with the anxiety all cat owners go through when their cats get sick. One product that some cat owners believe can help their cats is CBD oil. CBD oil is a product that contains CBD, which may be better known as cannabidiol. This is a substance from the Cannabis Sativa plant family, derived specifically from the hemp plant. Some cat owners think that this CBD oil may provide relief to their cat from symptoms of various illnesses.

How Veterinarians View Use Of CBD Oil

Veterinarians generally think that cat owners should be cautious when they feel like administering CBD oil to their cat. Some vets think that cat owners should bear in mind the lack of documented scientific studies carried out about cats being dosed with CBD oil. However, they do feel that CBD oil is safe for cats to consume, though cat owners should be careful not to overdose their cats with it. There are also cases where the cats that were given CBD oil became sedated or developed gastrointestinal upset – both side effects eventually wore off once their owners stopped giving them CBD oil. 

In addition, even if your cat is not allergic to CBD, it is the carrier oil of the CBD that your cat might be sensitive to. The carrier oil might be palm oil, avocado oil, olive oil, hemp seed oil, or coconut oil so check with the retailer or the manufacturer in case it is not stated on the label.

Not surprisingly, some experts in veterinary care believe that it is better for cat owners to rely on conventional pet medications when their cats get sick, just to be on the safe side. This refers to pet medication that have FDA approval and that have been used for many years on numerous feline patients safely. Since most CBD products on the market have yet to be approved by the FDA, it makes sense to be careful about using these CBD products on your beloved pet.

Concept of animal feed, vitamins with CBD oil and cannabis. Cute red kitten with a smile sleeps, hemp leaves in the background.

How To Legally Obtain CBD Oil For Your Cat 

As a cat owner, you should be able to exercise “due diligence” when shopping online for CBD oil for pets. Brand recognition is just one aspect of due diligence because you also have to consider the source of that brand’s CBD. Keep in mind that it should have undergone testing in a laboratory for its content and presence of contaminants. Contaminants include heavy metals, bacteria and even fungus.

To be able to buy CBD oil legally, it is very important to make sure that the source only uses hemp plants to supply CBD, and that the hemp plant extract only contains 0.3% THC. THC is a substance that may also be present in CBD products since all plants from the Cannabis Sativa plant family contain some THC. If there is only 0.3% THC, then your source can legally sell CBD products to the public, and that includes CBD oil. 

Take note of the laws in your country or state as well regarding whether veterinarians are allowed to prescribe or even just recommend the use of CBD products for your cat. If the laws seem to be confusing, you may want to refrain from asking your vet for permission to use CBD oil for your cat since the vet may get into legal trouble answering that question. It is best to seek other sources of information, such as websites online.

Cat Symptoms And Illnesses That CBD Might Prove Useful For

  • Relief of Inflammation and Pain
  • Relief of Cancer Symptoms – May slow down tumor growth
  • Relief of Cancer Treatment Side Effects
  • Antiemetic – Relieves feelings of nausea
  • May Relieve Stress
  • May Relieve Anxiety
  • May Promote Weight Loss and Appetite Control in Obese Cats
Scottish fold cat sniffs green leaf of marijuana in hands. Portrait close-up on blurred background with leaf cannabis

Can Cannabis Sativa Plant Parts Be Eaten By Your Cat?

Incidentally, your cat may develop a tendency to nibble on the leaves of Cannabis Sativa plants, which is a no-no because the raw plant material can be toxic to your cat. According to one source, this is something that has been documented already. If your cat seems to have ingested the raw leaves, stalks or flowers of Cannabis Sativa, it is wise to bring the cat to a veterinary clinic right away for confinement until the effects have worn off over time.


Cat owners want the best for their cats, so it is not surprising that they may look for alternative forms of treatment for their cat’s illnesses. That may include CBD oil. However, some veterinarians are uneasy with this line of thinking since there is a lack of documented scientific evidence about the ability of CBD oil to treat or even cure illnesses in cats. It is recommended that cat owners go easy on the dosage of CBD oil they administer to their cats to avoid overdosing them. Cat owners should also be cautious about where and how they get their CBD oil supply to avoid giving contaminated CBD oil and breaking any laws regarding CBD consumption.

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