International Cat Care: Keeping Cats Safe Campaign

Keeping Cats Safe 2020: We Need Your Stories

Previously, in 2015, we ran a Keeping Your Cat Safe campaign to gather stories from the public and cat professionals on cats that had found themselves in trouble. For 2020, we are revisiting this campaign in order to stay up to date and on top of feline health and wellbeing. We want to revise some of these previous key topics to provide the latest and most relevant information. This is where we need you!

Once again we ask for your stories on cats that had their safety compromised. As sad as this process can be, it is vital for our work to keep ensuring that cats are safe and happy. We are re-purposing your stories for a good cause, turning a negative situation into a positive outcome. By providing us with a story of your cat that encountered trauma, we can begin to build on counteractive solutions to ensure that this situation does not arise again for another cat. This is all part of our plan to create a safer environment for felines.

We want to hear your stories (from cat owners and veterinary professionals) detailing incidents relating to cat health and safety, which we can use to raise awareness and help owners keep their cats safe.

So, if you have a story about a cat being: poisoned, ingesting a foreign body, falling from a height or getting lost, we would really like to hear from you. Help us help cats.

Thank you!

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