How Mercury Petrograde Affects Your Cat or Dog

by Jessica Adams

Following on from the earlier post on Is Your Pet Behaving Bizarrely? please find below how exactly your pet is affected by Mercury!

The Aries Cat

Hunters who’ll head-butt flies or chase dogs – or the postman. On Mercury Petrograde, though, the postman may well chase them.

The Aries Dog

They’ll bite everything, including your hair. They also like digging floorboards. Especially on Mercury Petrograde. Watch for holes.

The Taurus Cat

They are dribblers who love their breakfast and will lick empty food bowls. On Mercury Petrograde, they’ll even lick the fridge.

The Taurus Dog

They do like chicken. And turkey. And trying to catch sparrows. If their tastes change to caviar, you can blame Mercury Petrograde.

The Gemini Cat

They imitate you, the radio or the dog. They sing along to songs, but usually get the words wrong on Mercury Petrograde.

The Gemini Dog

Barking at the TV? Jumping on it? You must have a Gemini dog. Try not to let them answer the phone on Mercury Petrograde.

The Cancer Cat

They miss you so much when you go shopping, they get in the bag. Don’t let them sleep on your face on Mercury Petrograde.

The Cancer Dog

Home-loving Cancer dogs lick the radiators when it’s cold. On Mercury Petrograde, they’ve been known to carry around logs.

The Leo Cat

They like gazing at themselves in mirrors, windows or glass doors. Make sure they don’t walk into them on Mercury Petrograde.

The Leo Dog

Kings and Queens. They look good in Christmas cracker paper crowns. On Mercury Petrograde they may pinch your best hat.

The Virgo Cat

Fussy! They sniff food before they eat it. On Mercury Petrograde their tastes may change to the strangest things. Even mud.

The Virgo Dog

The Virgo dog loves routine and will stand on you five minutes before the alarm. On Mercury Petrograde, they’ll be an hour out.

The Libra Cat

Romantic Libra cats are enthusiastic bottom-sniffers. Best make sure it’s not your bottom on Mercury Petrograde, though.

The Libra Dog

They form duets with other pets. On Mercury Petrograde, you might find them answering to their best friend’s name instead.

The Scorpio Cat

The bankers of the cat world. They line up dead mice they’ve caught. On Mercury Petrograde, the mice tend to line up them.

The Scorpio Dog

Sexy! They hump footballs. They have relationships with armchairs. On Mercury Petrograde, their libido may go backwards.

The Sagittarius Cat

Spiritual animals – but they have been known to eat the candles or incense. On Mercury Petrograde, they may even perform miracles.

The Sagittarius Dog

Great explorers, they are energetic doggy David Attenborough’s.

On Mercury Petrograde, though, they tend to run backwards. 

The Capricorn Cat

They like to be on top and will scale any Christmas tree they see. On Mercury Petrograde, they’ve been known to get on the roof.

The Capricorn Dog

Organised Capricorn dogs pack their toys away like professionals. On Mercury Petrograde, they may pack your children’s too. Oops.

The Aquarius Cat

They like a gang and will form one with other cats, the dog, or the goldfish. On Mercury Petrograde, they’ll even try your neighbours.

The Aquarius Dog

Friendly Aquarius dogs love social media and won’t get their paws off your phone. On Mercury Retrograde, they may start messaging.

The Pisces Cat

They love pond-watching or goldfish bowl gazing. Washing machines, too. Don’t let them climb in on Mercury Petrograde.

The Pisces Dog

Biting hose water or sea waves is their hobby. Also barking at ghosts. On Mercury Petrograde, they may drink out of your mug.

Astrologer Jessica Adams writes about horoscopes for GQ, The Daily Express and Metro. Her cat astrology appears in the new Sunday Times bestseller, A Friend Called Alfie, by Rachel Wells (Avon).

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