Teddy’s Advice For Keeping Senior Cats Active

I’m a senior cat, 15 years old and I’m not as active as I used to be.  My mom is always looking for fun ways to get me moving.  It’s not always easy because I like to sleep a lot.

Bring my tunnels out and I have to take a look inside.


What’s this?  Oh a string, what fun.  Wiggle it over, under around or through the tunnel and I’ll chase it, but watch out for my claws.  I’m fast.

Gotcha.  Now you can’t go anywhere

Throw a crumpled piece of paper inside and I’ll stare at it.

Then suddenly whoosh…I send it flying.

Senior cats need to take a rest from playing.  Tunnels are a perfect place for a cat nap.

Another way to keep me active is to bring out the flashlight.  I love chasing the light, but I’m never able to catch it.

Mom says it’s important for me to keep moving and these games can keep me both physically and mentally active.  All I know is that I’m having fun.

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12 thoughts on “Teddy’s Advice For Keeping Senior Cats Active

  1. Léa says:

    At nearly five and seven years young, the divas still do laps on the three eliptical stair cases in their home which they kindly share with me. We also have a variety of strings, ribbons and other articles for attack purposes. We play hide and seek with boxes and two large plastic valises that have zippers and make a crinkling sound. A friend in London gave those to us. Of course a mere human could never find such masters of hide and seek… We have a laser light for chasing up walls and as the weather warms up, from time to time a fly makes the fatal mistake of entering into the divas domain. Of course such things only exist for feline areobics.

    • Correne Sinclair says:

      Sounds like they have a great time. Cats love the crinkle sound, don’t they:) Teddy likes to play ball on the stairs. A lot of the time I’m the one chasing after the ball to throw back to him, but he does get some exercise.

      • Léa says:

        The biggest work-outs here are the laser light and who will be first to the food and water dishes… or the favorite seat. 😉

  2. retrodee says:

    Our senior cats wouldn’t play with anything, except for the laser light. That was the one thing they couldn’t resist chasing, even not long before they crossed Rainbow Bridge.

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