Purrsday Poetry: In a cat‘s eyes – Beloved (by illspk)

Hi everyone,

Today’s entry in Purrsday Poetry comes from Ignis Lifestyle:

White as snow

Heart to melt

Came this lovely being you see through our hands to grow


The touch of her fur was creamy

Her eyes gleamy

Her trust deep


Never had we made her life steep

Every time we spent together was cherished

Never at our call her figure had vanished



In her greatest joy she leapt out of the blue

Towards us

At our call leaving all other she knew in dust


She treated us with respect

As we treated her

Her lovely kittens she did never neglect


She was a precious, caring, patient and warmhearted mother

A fine and lovely cat

Far more than just a normal pet


She was a personality on her own

Leaving her children up to grow

At her side


With pride

And she never rushed only one of them away

Encouraged all to stay


As long as they liked

And not to leave

How big was our grief


When she passed away through a sudden accident

We have always thanked

Her because of all the moments she has spent with us


And not chosen to go away suddenly

And leave us

Like she had to when the accident happend


We wouldn’t have know for this accident

If she didn’t stay with us till the very end

And had crawled with the last amount of energy she had

To our door

Where she had been found

Lying lifeless on the floor

(Poem by illspk/ Copyright@illspk and ignislifestyle)

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