Are You a Confident Cat?

Tiger Lily for Katzenworld. Taking the Coolest Portrait

Confidence, it’s what keeps us cats going when things get tough. We walk the feline walk and meow the feline talk. Hello everyone, my name is Silver and I help my mum blog at Dash Kitten.

I am here to talk Cat Confidence for those who may feel they don’t quite have it yet.

Silver tabby cat posing in a garden.

A little self-belief can go a long way for us cats and I have some helpful tips on keeping that confidence in top shape so you can walk with your head held high and show off those fine whiskers and fur.

  • TIP: The tips will work for your human too. Just make sure you are there to encourage them!

Cat Confidence 101

Believe in you.

Let’s have a quick cat nap and think about what is cool about you.

  • Are you a friend or supporter of one particular cat, person or cause?
  • Have you got cute markings that people admire?
  • Do you share rescue cats on Twitter or Facebook?
  • Did you make it through the day without hissing at your kittens?
Tiger Lily for Katzenworld. Taking the Coolest Portrait

That’s totally awesome. Well Done You Kitty (or Human!)

Cat Kindness 101

Kindness is free, and you can make someone’s day with it. Be your own best friend and push that little voice of doubt out the window into the cold when whiskers droop or a paw gets sore.

If you were talking to your BFF (best feline friend) you would tell them they look great, you like their fur-style, or that their cat collar looks cool. Now look in the mirror and tell yourself the same thing. You look amazing because you are a confident cat.

Are you a black and white cat who looks cool?

Red Carpet Bonus Tip

Before you enter a busy room, imagine yourself on the famous Red Carpet at the latest movie awards.

Walk tall and people will adore your confidence and your style, even if you feel a little bit wobbly inside. Everyone will want a precious piece of your cat time in the glittering throng, and you are going to enjoy every last second!

Walk tall, be strong – you are unique and special. You are a confident cat!

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1 thoughts on “Are You a Confident Cat?

  1. Christine Carroll says:

    Thank you for your helpful tips really enjoyed reading about them and loved the photos.x???

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