Guest Star: Omani Mau

Hi everyone,

Please find below a guest story from Rumi an Omani Mau:

My name is Rumi! I’m an Omani Mau – u ask what’s that ? In other words, I’m a stray cat from the country of Oman. I’m trying to change the perception of Omani Maus in the world as we face abuse and rejection in many ways on a daily basis in my homeland.

I hope by getting to know me, people can see how loving and special Omani Maus are and we get back the identity we deserve. How do I do that? You will see me be my cute self, share “Rumi Facts” about my tribe, TNR videos, and being positive on my Instagram account.

I have a book coming out soon too telling the world about my story. My partner in my journey is my human Shosho and you will see her pop in now and then in my account. Find me on Instagram @rumionamission2017 and if you like me, and know anyone who would like to give an Omani mau a safe and loving home( currently taking requests from NYC), give me a shout and we can work on it.

Thank you for helping us spread the word!

FUN FACT: Jackson Galaxy has my business card! And I’m the first Omani mau to do a Basepaws DNA test!
Here are some pictures I’d like to share!



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