Angel’s Eyes: I’m Back


I’m so excited to be back and see all my friends like you all. Its been a very busy few years with 2 moves and one of those moves I rode in a car from Wisconsin moving to Arizona. I stayed in 3 hotels along the way. The second move was 10 months later moved to another city in Arizona they were for dads job. It was very exciting and scary ,but I can say Arizona I can play outside all year long because of the beautiful weather besides all the lizards and birds to play with.


This is my mom who has been recovering from major foot surgery this last year so its been very difficult for her to take photos for you this is the other reason why I’ve been gone. I stayed by her side the whole time.



I was her security guard and…


I would keep her company by playing with with her. I would even get my daily brush right on moms bed.


But I do admit this wasn’t a hard job carrying for mom.


We did have alot of time for chats and nose kisses..


Now that mom getting better I help her by making her walk to get her physical therapy in , but I managed to get some blades of grass along the way. It’s a win, win for both of us.


What does it mean I’m Back?


It means that I can share stories with you and bring you some interesting cat products reviews with my thoughts on them and new videos to watch me play on YouTube. I’m excited for what this New Year brings.


And really you don’t want to miss this because I can get myself into some predicermint.


Thank you for your support and I hope to see you all again very soon. I would love to hear from you so leave me a comment and say hi.

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8 thoughts on “Angel’s Eyes: I’m Back

  1. catladymac says:

    We are glad you are back, Angel ! Arizona is nice outside, but there are coyotes and rattlesnakes – so you still have to be careful out there. Purrs to you and Mom !

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