Guest Star: Mr Meow Meow

Hi everyone,

Please find below a guest submission about the rescue cat Mr Meow Meow:

Mr Meow Meow came into our lives a few months ago.

I first encountered him at a neighborhood meeting where he was living up everyone.

Then again I encountered him when I was volunteering in my neighborhood and people were saying he was wandering the neighborhood for over a year. I took him in that day, it took awhile to get the mats off of him; got him checked out and ear mites taken care of.

He’s adjusted very well to indoor life and is best buds with my daughter. He’s been named mr Meow Meow because he is one of the most vocal animals I’ve ever met.

He follows me around like a dog; wants attention non-stop and has one of the most unique raccoon like tails. He’s fluffy and cute and you’ve got about a 50/50 shot whether he will let you rub his belly when he is showing it.

We hope you enjoyed this little story and if you have a story of your own please contact us at to submit it for publication.



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9 thoughts on “Guest Star: Mr Meow Meow

  1. franhunne4u says:

    It’s so good to hear about people like Mr Meow Meow’s human slave, who just do what has to be done. Give an animal a home that needs one. Hope you still have many years with your own feline overlord!

  2. choosingmyperspective says:

    LOVE this guy! And so pleased you took him in and he adjusted so well. I nearly BROKE my heart-cat a few years back, when I made the tough choice to end his outdoor Warrior privileges! Just too many brazen, local coyotes.

    Thanks for sharing his story.

    PS Our big Holiday Gift this year was a fluffy, feisty, huge for its age, Maine Coon kitten!

    Stories to follow soon.

  3. Timothy Price says:

    Mr. Meo Meo and our Spunk are Doppelgängers. Their faces look almost identical, and they make many of the same expressions. However, Mr. Meo Meo is long-haired and it sounds like he’s sweeter and less neurotic cat than Spunk.

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