Teddy and The Aquarium

No, I didn’t buy Teddy an aquarium, even though he would probably love the real thing.  I found the aquarium channel on tv and Teddy took to it right away.

My mom held him up to see the fish and after that, he stood on the floor watching.  His head darted back and forth as the fish swam by.

I gave him a seat, so he’d be closer to the fish. Whoever created this channel, probably never thought a cat would be watching.

Some things on TV get Teddy’s attention, such as fast-moving cars or a person’s voice, but he really likes the fish.

I did have a fish tank years ago when he was a kitten.  Maybe he remembers it.  This is good entertainment for him. It’s also an easy way for me to enjoy the fish without worrying about him going fishing.

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9 thoughts on “Teddy and The Aquarium

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