Purrsday Poetry: The Sentry by Alma Barkman

The Sentry


Alma Barkman

He peers with wistful gaze at distant scene,

his eyes but narrow slits in sunlight’s gleam.

I wonder if proud felines ever dream?

His whiskers twitch.  Has some imaginary prey

skittered through his mind at break of day

or does he really see a mouse across the way?

His ears alert, what noises has he heard

produced by little creatures—feathered, furred?

The convulsions of his tail are quite absurd.

Whatever contemplation is about,

his urgency of call I cannot doubt,

commanding me to come and let him out.

Does instinct born on some primeval shore

instill this restless yearning to explore

the mysteries that lie beyond the door?

                                                      © 2019 Alma Barkman

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2 thoughts on “Purrsday Poetry: The Sentry by Alma Barkman

  1. Rohvannyn says:

    SWEET! Is that a sonnet I spy? Or at least iambic pentameter? Of course I like the wording choices and the subject too, and it’s an evocative theme, but it’s just no nice to see a poem with some structure. 🙂 Lovely photo, too.

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