Looking Into the Eyes of a Cat

Many cat owners think they know their cat best.  It is possible to learn to communicate with your cat on an even higher and better level. All you have to do is to look into their eyes. Cats can relate so much even if they don’t speak the human language just by making use of their eyes. Emotions such as anger, love, rapture, and fear cats can express through their eyes. For instance, their pupils will dilate when they are angry, and they’ll squint when they are happy and smiling.  If your cal partially closes his or her eyes and then reopens them while looking at you, they’re smiling at you.  You can return this sentiment by squinting back with your eyes mimicking what your cat just did. In this way, the two of you have just smiled at each other and further cemented your loving relationship. Your cat shows you absolute trust when they close their eyes all the way and keep them closed for a few seconds and then open them again.

To be able to read your cat’s eyes correctly, you must pay attention and observe the cat’s eyes. When you notice that your cat’s tail begins to twitch when they see a bird look at their eyes at that moment. Afterward, when they see a strange cat around and twitch their tail again, you’ll notice a completely different look in their eyes. In both cases, your cat’s eyes will dart back and forth, in the first case with the bird, there will be a look of interest in the bird as prey. In the second case, there will be a look of interest in a potential marauder. Both looks hold a touch of annoyance, keen interest, and an awareness.  The cat’s territory is threatened, and the cat is not happy about this at all. You should not see this look of annoyance at any other time, but if you do, you will recognize it, and then you should find out what it is that is annoying your cat. You will both benefit from the experience because your cat will show you delight when he or she realizes that you understood. Then remove the thing that was offensive to them.

Look closely into your cat’s eyes the next time they seem like limpid, liquid pools. They are looking at you with total and complete adoration and will continue to do so if you keep looking closely back into their eyes. This will put the two of you into a higher level of understanding.  Your cat will begin to respect you more just because they are beginning to realize that their eye communication is working. If your cat doesn’t want to communicate with you at any given moment, he or she will look away, and then you should respect their wish and leave them alone for some time or until your cat comes to you. You will soon see that at any given moment if your cat is angry or annoyed at you, it is because you wanted to pet them or pick them up at the wrong time. Remember that warning look in their eyes, and it will save you from getting nipped at or swatted at or even scratched. As time goes on, you and your cat will soon develop a much closer and friendlier relationship.

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