A Pet is for Life and Not Just the Holidays

It’s that time of the year again when the thought of buying or adopting a new pet cat or dog becomes tantalising. Many pets this year will be bought blindly as Christmas gifts for a loved one without considering the appropriate level of care that is required. Once the novelty and wonder simply fades away these pets will be abandoned. Perfect-Pets Books published by BX Plans Ltd. owner of Need2Know Books and BX Plans has published a series of cat and dog books to address the major points one should consider when buying and bringing a new pet into the home. Our extensive range of pet books, provide all the information one needs to help owners give the best care possible and avoid the after holiday pet blues.

According to figures published by the RSPCA the UK pet population in 2018 was estimated at: 9 million dogs and 8 million cats. The RSPCA states “In the UK, it’s estimated that 12 million (44 percent of) households have pets with around 51 million pets owned.” In 2018 the Dogs Trust conducted new research that found that online searches of the phrase ‘buy a puppy’ increased by 44% from 95,659 to 137,499, the week before Christmas, compared to the yearly average.

Perfect-Pets Books have published an informative and helpful series of essential guides for the 10 most popular dog breeds in the UK to help give dog owners and potential dog owners valuable help and support. These include: Labrador retrievers, cocker spaniels, pugs, springer spaniels, bulldogs, golden retrievers, French bulldogs, dachshunds, and miniature schnauzers. Each guide provides essential information and walks the owner through the ‘essential things to know’ including: microchips, vaccinations, insurance and diet. Health issues that might arise such as ear mites, ticks and fleas are discussed and an invaluable chapter on first aid is included in each book relevant to the breed.

Rescue Dogs The Essential Guide discusses the facts about dog rescue and guides the owner on many topics such as adoption which is a great responsibility synonymous with adopting a child. It offers useful information on welcoming a new dog rescue and making it comfortable. Everyday dog care is also included such as: first aid, common injuries and illnesses, bandaging and medication, and key questions to ask when adopting.

First Aid For Dogs The Essential Guide is a helpful book that gives practical support to dog owners.  High on the list of problems are broken legs and other common injuries. The book builds confidence to deal with these issues. Heatstroke, burns and hypothermia are all included.

For cat lovers two essential guides have been published to help cat owners and potential cat owners provide the best care possible.

Cat Care The Essential Guide covers the kitten and teenage years into adulthood. Useful advice on house training, spay and neutering, vaccinations, and insurance are just some of the topics covered. A useful chapter on first aid for cats is also included to advise the necessary steps to take in case of emergency.

First Aid for Cats The Essential Guide is a comprehensive guide that gives cat lovers extensive information in case of emergency, accidents and injuries. These include: choking, bandaging, medication, bleeding, burns, heatstroke and hypothermia. This book is available in English and in Welsh.

10 Ways to Kill a Cat is a free eBook available to download from the Perfect-Pets website. The eBook is a useful guide that helps to inform cat owners about the specific hazards and conditions a cat might be susceptible to that can endanger their life.

Giving a new cat or dog to a family member for Christmas is very tempting as owning a new pet can be both wonderful and rewarding. But once the celebrations fade away and the excitement of the gift fizzles out it’s important to be informed which will help maintain a life-long relationship for both pet and owner.

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5 thoughts on “A Pet is for Life and Not Just the Holidays

  1. Crystal says:

    I agree with Authoress51 should’ve been shared before Christmas but it’s OK it wasn’t because the advice you gave should be considered before getting a pets(s) for yourself or anyone. I thank you for sharing it.
    Hope you had a nice Christmas and wish you a Happy New Year…

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