Cats Protection Christmas Appeal: Meet Libby the Miracle Kitten

Have you seen this year’s Christmas video from Cats Protection? Focusing on Libby the miracle kitten, the animation highlights the excellent work our volunteers do in caring for cats – in all weather conditions!

Little Libby was abandoned with her four siblings in a quiet lane in Fareham last winter, but was somehow separated from her littermates and injured her nose. While the other kittens were quickly rescued by dedicated volunteers from Cats Protection’s Fareham Branch, there was no sign of Libby.

The animation depicts Libby’s two weeks lost in the forest, where she was cold and hungry. While her siblings settled in with foster carers, the search was on to find the little black cat.

Thankfully, after a long search, Libby was found. Thin and shivering, she was quickly given the care she needed and was reunited with her brothers and sisters. A short stay with volunteers enabled her nose to heal and for her to fully recover.

Of course, this festive tale has a happy ending – it didn’t take long for Libby to find a new home. Renamed Misty by her new owners, she will be spending this winter snuggled up in a cosy house, with a new best friend – a little girl named Lily.

Owner Amy Smith, Lily’s mum, says: “Misty has settled amazingly well into our home. She has found a best friend in my daughter and likes to follow her around the house. We feel very lucky to have her.”

Libby is just one example of the many cats that our volunteers and staff will look after over the festive period. Visit Cats Protection to find out more and how to support the Charity.

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3 thoughts on “Cats Protection Christmas Appeal: Meet Libby the Miracle Kitten

  1. Feral cats' videos says:

    She’s one lucky cat. People who abandon their pets should be thrown in prison. It’s not a toy. But now she’s got a loving home and seems so happy. It’s sometimes difficult to find a home for a black cat because of ridiculous superstition, but I have one, and black cats rock!

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