Dark Nights and Dangerous Roads: Help Your pet Stay Safe During Winter!

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Come rain or shine, our pets are our constant companions, and we always want to have the most magical adventures together! This doesn’t change when the nights draw in, but the darkness could have serious safety implications, especially near roads. At The Insurance Emporium, the safety of our animals is one of our top priorities! For this reason, we have spoken to our pet health expert for tips on how to keep your pets out of harm’s way on our roads, and advice on what you might do if an unfortunate event happens during one of your adventures.

Curious Cats

One of the things we love about cats is their sense of independence! However, this might mean it’s more difficult to make sure they stay safe near roads. To try to keep them from harm after dark, you could limit their outside time to daylight hours and bring them inside before night falls. A reflective collar could be a good idea, making them easier for drivers and other road users to see. If your cat is not too much of a free spirit, you might be able to teach them to come back when you call their name. This would make it easier to ensure they are safe inside before night time.

Happy Hounds

Compared to their feline counterparts, we have much more control over our dogs! Because we mostly walk them with leads, it can be a lot easier to direct their night time movements. Even so, there are ways we can maximise their chances of coming home safe! As with cats, it might be sensible to give your dog a reflective collar, perhaps even with a flashing light; the more visible your pet is, the better. You could also make sure to keep them on a lead at all times in the dark, as even the best behaved pups can run across the road suddenly if they are surprised or see another animal. If your lead is extendable, you might want to ensure you keep it short when walking on the pavement. This should mean your dog stays on the path and not the road.

If your adventure results in misadventure

It’s not something that any pet owner wants to think about, but it might be useful to know in advance what to do in the event of an unfortunate road accident involving your cat or dog. The first piece of advice is that even though it would, of course, be a really upsetting situation, you should stay as calm as possible. If your pet sees you panicking, it could add to their distress. It might be hard, but think about your own safety before trying to help your pet. Running into a busy road could put you at risk as well as your pet, and could mean it takes longer for help to reach your cat or dog. You might also want to call your nearest vet. If you speak to them straight away, they’ll be prepared for your arrival and could give you helpful advice on the best way to move your pet. It’s always good to bear in mind that your animal might act out of character when distressed, so do be careful when you handle them.

We want all pets to be safe from harm, and hopefully this information will help you do just that. If you have any concerns about the safety of your pet, either during the hours of darkness or daylight, ask your vet for advice on what you can do. The most important thing is that you and your furry friends continue to embark on your magical adventures together!

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