Cat Travel: Cat Cafe Stubentiger – Chica the Cheeky!

china ready to pounce

Hi everyone,

We are back for another post about the cat cafe Stubentiger. The cat cafe, unfortunately, had to close earlier this year but it will always remain as a special place in our memories.


Today we are dedicating the post to Chica! She may seem harmless at the moment… 😀 But…. she is always up to something!


Waiting… for visitors…


… ready to POUNCE… but is she after human legs? Of course not!

Tica is a wonderful playful cat but she wasn’t always this lucky! Chica was found by a lady from the local rescue center before arriving here at the Stubentiger Cafe she had to be nursed back to health.

When she first arrived she was a bit shy but now she knows how to get everyone’s attention. 😀

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Method 1 to seek attention: Take OVER the sofa! Humans must sit down so if one is in the way you are sure to get attention. 😉

Method 2 to seek attention: Onto the table! Because humans insist to eat from large plates on tables! Might even get a cheeky snack…


Method 3 to seek attention: Simply look adorable… Humans can not resist a cute face! <3

As a special bonus we’ve also included a shot of some of the interior dedication of the cafe today:


Can you guess who the famous ginger cat on the art is? 🙂



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