Renegade & Freya: Top Cat Carrier Tips!

Hi everyone,

It’s me little Freya today and we thought it was a good time to re-iterate the top tips on how to get us felines used to a cat carrier from our friends at International Cat Care.

Many cats disappear at the sight of their cat carrier and even if their owner is able to get them into it, their cat often makes it quite clear it is not finding the experience pleasant. Difficulties getting cats into their carriers can result in owner reluctance to visit the vets which can consequently lead to reduced preventative healthcare, delayed diagnosis of disease, and ultimately reduced quality of life. In addition, if an owner is physically forcing their cat into its carrier, there is the potential for the cat to start to view the owner negatively with a resultant breakdown in the cat-owner bond. Having a cat comfortable with travel in its cat carrier will make trips to the vets, and other locations such as boarding catteries much easier, and the cat will not arrive already anxious or fearful from the journey. The best way to get around these problems is to teach a cat to enter its carrier voluntarily. This is done by associating the carrier with positive experiences.

Where to start
Before starting to teach a cat that going into the carrier is a positive experience, there are a number of things that can be done to ensure the cat views the carrier as positive as possible. If a cat already has a very negative association with the cat carrier, it is worth taking some time to think why this might be.

Freya: But what if you had a carrier that us cats actually loved so much that we go into it on our own accord…? Well, Remember Rennie in his Sleepypod mobile pet bed?

Renegade: Of course they must! I was so cozy and comfy in the bed of our Sponsor sleepypod. 😀

Freya: Well, either way, they now have a link to check it all out. 😉 But anyway the sleepypod mobile pet bed is a purrfect example of a carrier that us cats simply love! Because it’s naturally designed to remove the negative association of only coming out when we have to go to the vet! 😀

As it can be left out as a bed for us we will start making the positive association with the sleepypod and it’ll be a lot easier for our humans to get us to go into one for the dreaded vet trip!

Renegade: And if your feline friend prefers to have a carrier with a higher ceiling, don’t fear as there is also a solution for that!

Freya: The Sleepod Air carrier is the perfect solution for this situation as it is nice and tall! 😀

Renegade: And apparently… even if you put something… or someone on top of it there is no risk to the feline in the carrier! But Freya… can you get off me now please. 😀

Freya: So whatever you and your human prefer there is always a great solution that makes our live far less stressfull and of course also less stressfull for your human servant. 😉

Signed by,

His Meowjesty King Renegade the Flash
Her Meojwesty Queen Freya the Snow Leopard

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