Best Practices on Animal Care & Pets

Animals are part of the world that we live in. Some even suggest that human beings evolved from animals and just like humans, they also live and die. They have a purpose in this world and they certainly play a vital part in the eco-systems all around the world too.

Since animals have a purpose, it is essential that they are also well taken care of. Because of the human desire for more, the lives and well-being of animals are at stake. Their homes are getting destroyed and their lives are purposely taken to serve the needs of human beings. Yes, it is part of the cycle of life but to render a whole species extinct should not be happening.

Pets are the animals that you choose to enter your life. You become attached to them and love them as you treat them like family. There are many different types of pets that you can have. You can choose to have dogs, cats, horses, mice, rabbits, monkeys, or even fish. You can even have spiders and snakes as pets. Getting a pet for aesthetics is a good thing but, of course, it is always better to have pets that have some use to you or pets that can show affection.

What is good about getting pets is that these animals among others are treated better than they usually are. Some say that is bad for the eco-system because these animals are taken from their natural habitat where they start to lose touch with their animal instincts. There are pets, however, who have been domesticated and have adapted to become a part of human society and life for thousands of years. These are dogs and cats. They are perfect to become your pets as they have already adapted to human life.

Animals and pets alike need to be taken care of. If you love animals and want to care for them, here are some of the best practices that you can do for your pets and animals also.


One of the biggest problems nowadays is that it’s getting too hot everywhere. Because it is very hot, birds and others are constantly thirsty and if there are no bodies of water nearby, it could hurt them severely. You can help the thirsty birds flying around by putting water on your window sills or on a pedestal above ground. It is important to have these above ground so that they won’t feel threatened and to make them think that it is safe to drink from the water that you prepared.

This will both be good for the birds and for you. If you like birds, this can become an avenue for bird watching as thirsty birds will most likely stop by to take a sip of the water that you prepared for them. To make it even better, you can also pair it with some food or feeds for certain birds that you would like to attract.


Taking care of your pets is one way that you show your love for them. You can take good care of them by giving them vaccines and vitamins to keep them strong and healthy while protecting them from dangerous diseases that could harm them. Vaccines are readily available with your local veterinarian and these vaccines will cater to common local diseases in your area.

Giving them the right vaccines and vitamins will not only keep them healthy and strong but will also extend their lives so that you can spend more time with them. Having pets to love and who will love you back are some of the things that everyone in the world should experience.


There are animals that people consider pests. Especially when they spread diseases and destroy your things, you will naturally want to get rid of them. It is okay to get rid of them when they are a threat to you and your family. If they destroy your things and homes, then, of course, it is just right to get rid of them. Some of these pests include termites, ants, bugs, rats, snakes, and spiders.

However, if you don’t have to kill them, you can just relocate them. Some “pests” can be relocated easily with the help of trained professionals or by yourself with the proper tools. Check on tips on how to relocate snakes and other animals.


It is okay to feed your pets as they are dependent on you for sustenance. They have adapted to being a part of your life and depend on you for food. However, if you choose not to feed your pets, they can still try and find their own but they will most likely have a hard time.

Wild animals, on the other hand, should not be fed by humans except on some rare cases like when their species is facing extinction. They can hunt on their own and find their own food. Even when you think it is difficult, it is best to leave them alone. Feeding them will cause a relationship that will harm you and them. They can start becoming dependent on you which can destroy the balance in the ecosystem. Try as much as possible not to give to wild animals even when they ask you for it.


All animals should be taken care of even the fish in the sea. One way that you can take care of the fish is to make sure that overfishing does not happen. Educate yourself about fishing practices in your area and make sure that their ways are sustainable. Stop eating the fishes that are getting overfished and boycott the merchants who buy fish from companies that have bad fishing practices like dynamite fishing and overfishing. Click here to learn more about sustainable fishing practices.

If we take care of the animals around us, they will take care of us in return. I know we have still survived as many animals have started to become extinct. However, there are animals that will take us with them if they will one day become extinct too.

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