Guest Star: Duke the Adopted Shelter Cat

Hi everyone,

Following on from last weeks story about Tucson’s story please find his companions story below. Thanks to Wanda for sending them in. 🙂

Hi, I’m called Duke but that was not always my name. My first family called me Sully.

I lived with them less than a year before they returned me to the shelter. I still don’t know what I did wrong but it made me afraid of people and now I hide even after strangers leave the house.

My forever family came into the shelter and I just knew I wanted to be theirs. Like Tucson, my brother, I followed the man everywhere and I still remember hearing meowma say, “I think you have been adopted.”

She was right so they signed the papers and took me home where I was renamed Duke Even though I was already a year old I continued to grow. Now I am 26 inches from tip of nose to base of tail and weigh around 20 pounds.

I love to tap meowmaa on the shoulder for attention when she is at the computer. That was 8 happy years ago and Tucson and I play together or cuddle our canine bother, Bear, the Chihuahua who is about a third my size. I love the way meowma scratches my chin and cheeks and I get lots of them. Meowma has been going through a tough time and I do all I can to help her feel better. I nuzzle her or rub her legs to cheer her up.

She loves to have me lay on the pillow beside her and purr her to sleep. I try to be a really good kitty when meowma gives us medicine at night and willingly swallow the pill because I know I’ll get a good treat afterward. I’m glad my first family didn’t keep me because this one really loves me and I love them.

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