Rennie: Look! Simba has Come to Join us! Watch what he Will do…

Hi everyone,

It’s me Rennie here today and we’ve had a fellow royal meowjesty visit us in our kingdom today!

Rennie: Look Freya! It’s your hero!

Freya: Is it? Ooooohhhh it is Simba!!!

Rennie: It sure is… but what is he doing here?

Freya: That is a very good question…

Rennie: Looks like he is on some kind of stage now… The humans call it a toniebox.

Freya: I wonder what he will do!

Rennie: Well there is only one way to find out. 😀

Rennie & Freya & Nubia: Well we loved our lion king songs! 😀 If you are now wondering what it is well we shall have to explain the tonie audio box.

Freya: See our humans got the tonie audio box because they see a lot of families with fur-kids and human kids at events and the tonie audio box happens to be purrfect to keep little human children entertained so us cats can relax and not be bothered by them. 😉

Rennie: Don’t be mean Freya… not all human children are annoying. 😉 But you are right that this box is a safe way for them to play and enjoy music and audio books!

Freya: Or us… because I want to keep my lion king story with me! Don’t give it a human! :O

Rennie: Well that’s true! Our humans have had some people at cat shows use them in the pens of cats to play music for them. Because as you know us cats like music. And fully charged the audio box lasts up to 8 hours so purrfect for a day out.

Freya: And most importantly… for any order placed for a starter set on our blog shop this month customers will receive an additional audio figurine completely for free! The box comes with a UK plug but for EU orders our humans will include a UK to EU plug for free.

Tonies – Toniebox Starter Set – Audio Game for your Children

Rennie: But where is the Simba story…?

Freya: Do you not know how to use the search button in the shop? It’s so easy… but anyway… To see the full list of figurines and tonies accessories click here and for the Simba figurine here!

Rennie: That’s it from us for today but you never know… we may be back listening to some more fun songs soon! 😉

Signed by,

His Meowjesty King Rengade the Flash
Her Meowjsty Queen Freya the Snow Leopard

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