Video Games can Save Cats After All! #SlayDragonsSaveCats

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It’s not often that we get a chance to combine our passion for video games with cats! So we were most delighted when we found out about Bethesda launching this awesome campaign.




  • #SlayDragonsSaveCats Charity Effort Offers In-Game Events and More, Including the Dragonhold Prologue Quest, launching October 8

TUESDAY 1ST OCTOBER, LONDON – The Elder Scrolls Online has always been about players coming together to triumph over threats to Tamriel. Today, ZeniMax Online Studios invites fans on a quest to confront a real-life challenge: saving and improving the lives of pets across the world.

In partnership with GlobalGivingBest Friends Animal Society and FOUR PAWS, players will work to save real life and in-game cats and more by participating in special events and other content to raise money.

In ESO’s Elsweyr Chapter, released in June, the cat-like Khajiit and their homeland of Elsweyr are under siege by Dragons. Players can save Elsweyr’s feline citizens by slaying Dragons, and for every five winged-beasts felled through December 9, Bethesda will donate $1 USD, up to $200,000.

The $200,000 donation will be split evenly between Best Friends Animal Society and FOUR PAWS. Let’s join forces, take down some Dragons, and help out our furry friends together, starting today through December 9, 2019!

Players can also donate directly to the campaign at

Dragon Rise

Over the duration of the charity initiative, players can look forward to a number of in-game activities beginning with Dragon Rise, kicking off on at 3pm on Thursday 3rd October through to October 14.

Dragon Rise lets players explore Northern Elsweyr’s striking locales, take down merciless Dragons, and complete the Dragonhold Prologue to unlock three unique rewards for all Elsweyr players.

You’ll find those rewards as well as a progress tracker here. And to top it all off, all Dragons killed during Dragon Rise count toward the #SlayDragonsSaveCats charity initiative!

Dragonhold Prologue Quest

Speaking of prologue quests, players can hop in and play an introduction to the final installment of the “Season of the Dragon,” Dragonhold, starting on October 8 and free for all players. Sai Sahan, the last of the Dragonguard, needs your help. The player is tasked with scouring Dragonguard sanctuaries, looking for anything that may help in the last push against the dragon menace.

More In-Game Events! (With more details here)

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