Guest Star: Blacky and Silver

Hi everyone,

Today’s guest post comes from Jody Nerhood Edwards about Blacky and Silver:

One day two little black kittens were in at a shelter and they were kind of scared.  Their Momma was gone and their sister had left mysteriously the day before.  Then this nice Hooman Lady came in and played with them.  She cooed and petted the two boys and knew right where to scratch them on their chins and their backs near their tails.  And then….she came back the next day!  Soon the Hooman Lady was putting the two little black kitty brothers in her carrier and taking them to Home.

Home was a place where Hooman Lady lived with Calico Cat Cally…a gigantic long haired cat that was QUEEN of the apartment.  She was scary at first, but the Hooman Lady put her in another room until we got bigger.  The kittens loved home.  It was an apartment but to them it was a palace.  They had their own room and the toys…they had a ton of toys!

Hooman Lady would come in their room and lie down with them and kiss them back when they licked her.  She would let the kittens lay all over her.  That’s when and where they learned to be so relaxed and comfortable.

One of us is solid black with short hair…Mr. Blackwell Beauregard AKA Blacky. His brother is a fuzzy black boy with white spots on his tummy…Sir Silverspot Fuzzy Tail AKA Silver.  Our favorite position is still to lie on our backs with our tummy’s up to be squishuled because we feel so safe.  We love to have brother battles in the morning and we love our big sister Cally Cat and play with her often now.

But, boy have we grown! We will be six months old at the end of August 2019 and Silver is almost as big as Cally Cat. Hooman Lady bought the kitties a new cat tree so all three kitties can hang out together and Cally likes to lie on the top, Silver loves the hammock and Blacky loves kitty hideout that doubles as a purr amplifier!  Hooman Lady and Cally Cat realize that adopting Blacky and Silver was the BEST thing they ever did and that’s why they’d ALWAYS recommend going to the nearest animal shelter and adopting…you’ll fall in ❤️.

Jody Nerhood Edwards

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