Katzenworld’s Official Top Cat Cafes of the UK

Hi everyone,

Following on from the awards hosted by our friends The Neighbor’s Cat a number of people asked what happened to cafes that we had listed as favourites previously. I’d just like to start off by clarifying that those were their nominations and while our views in some cases may differ we like to provide space to all people in the cat community on Katzenworld.

Official Katzenworld reviews/lists will be posted with clear Katzenworld tags and we are working on a new theme that makes it clearer to highlight what posts are from contributors moving forward.

Now that this is out of the way let’s start with the fun of the best cat cafes by country (those we’ve visited) for Europe.

We will first look at the cafes in the UK as this is where we live! 🙂 In total, we’ve been to 8 cat cafes in the UK but for our initial list, we opted to list the Top 3.

United Kingdom:

1.Lady Dinah’s Cat Emporium

In place 1 for the UK we’ve got our premier London cat cafe Lady Dinah’s Cat Emporium. So what makes this the number 1 cafe on our list?

Well this place is not just fabulous for the humans but even more so for their resident cats! The team behind the cafe has taken great care in designing a 3D environment for the cats that provides plenty of space for them to get around and provides plenty of environmental enrichment and hiding spaces for them. Great attention has been paid to each individual detail and it feels like walking into a wonderland with cats.

But it’s not just the design and cats that make this the number 1 cafe of the UK! The second part that we looked at for this rating was their fabulous food offering. From pawesome snacks and homemade cake and drinks to a full fledged high tea you can have it all at this cafe.

To find out more about them and make a reservation head over to their website.

2. Maison de Moggy

On second place for the UK we’ve got Maison de Moggy which is located in Edinburgh. We very much enjoyed our visit here and while they too took plenty of care in designing their place to be appropriate for the cats while interesting to visitors we just thought that it’s ever so slightly behind our place 1!

Walk-ways have been designed to ensure that the cats have plenty of space and can get some time away from visitors if needed.

Sadly on our last trip we didn’t have time to try out their food and drinks but they too offer a selection of beverages and food choices.

3. Bag of Nails

Now technically this is not a cat cafe but instead it’s a pub that happens to have cats living in it! The owner rescued each and everyone of them and that’s why we thought they deserve a honourable mention on our list. 🙂

Being a pub there are plenty of drink choices but the other thing that sets them apart is board games! Of course many of which have a cat theme. 🙂

If you end up being in Bristol this place is definitely worth a visit if only to check out their interior design and to have a pint while enjoying the company of cats. 😉

If you made it on our Top Cat Cafe list you can proudly display our award badge!



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