Our visit to the Little Lions cat cafe in NYC Part 1

Hi everyone,

As some of you may know we did a trip to the US towards the end of last year, to be more precise to New York!

Of course cat themed things had to form part of our visit so we decided to check out all of the cat cafes located in New York at the time of our visit. Yes you read this right, ALL of them!


The first one on our list of visits was Little Lions, this cafe was located in the Chelsea district of New York.

When first entering the cafe guests had to go into the cafe / restaurant bit where you were also able to purchase lovely souvenirs such as the ones shown above. One of the problems in NYC is that cat cafes are not allowed to prepare / serve food in the same area as the cats (which is a real shame!) so you basically buy a take-away and walk across into the building to it with your “take-away”. 🙂

Of course we ordered some food to try this out! While the cookies were cute we’ve got to unfortunately say that their pastries and sandwhiches were “so-so” but when again the main reason we came were the cats.

As you can see in the above one of the kitties even decided to attempt and steal our cookies… I guess no one told the kitty that carbs are bead for cats?!?

And cats there were a plenty… 🙂

Most of the cats were very friendly and you could tell that the staff at the cat cafe looked after them very well. What was even better is the fact that all of these cats were adoptable so if you lived in the US and wanted to take one home (not straight away of course as checks would be necessary!) that would have been an option. 😀

Apart from that the above napping cats were just cute we especially loved the black cat! She reminded us a bit of Nubia at home and we were tempted to sneak her into a bag to bring her home as a new sister. 😀

Wondering what the kitties are going mad over in the above? That was pure chicken meat! Made by a company that so far we had only seen in Japan, Ciao cat treats.

Of course the inside of the cat cafe was just as beautifully designed as the initial cafe are. The inside of the cat area also came with extra climbing bits for the cats, no not the chandeliers!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The only unfortunate part is that this cafe closed-down since our visit last year. 🙁 While this is very sad we will make sure to post the other photos we took of it for you all though!

And never fear there are still a number of fabulous cafes in operation that we will be posting about in the coming weeks. 🙂



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9 thoughts on “Our visit to the Little Lions cat cafe in NYC Part 1

  1. Léa says:

    It is always sad to see such an enterprise fail. I do hope all the felines found good forever homes quickly. If you come across another figureine like the one in the photo (cat reading a book) I would love to have a link to where I might purchase one. While the cats here are avid book lovers, they inisst the human do the actual reading out loud and with voices….

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