Guest Star: Thor’s Story

Thor’s Story

By Yvonne James-Henderson

Thor at about 6 weeks old with his toy named Rosco.

A year after my darling Zeus, our black cat of 15 years, passed away, we rescued Thor from our local shelter, he seemed a shy guy hiding behind his cage mate. When I held him, he snuggled upon on my chest and shoulder. Tears of sadness welled up, when they told me he could not come home with me immediately but had to go their veterinarian first. We could pick him up there in two days.

He was listed as a shy brown kitten. I thought, “Hmmm, brown?”

After his trip to the vet, she thought that he looked and weighed more like 13 weeks instead of 6 weeks and mentioned and that he could be part Maine Coon. After he had his shots and was neutered, the vet warned not to let him get too rowdy after his surgery, although her assistant said he was already playing shortly after his procedure.

He sat on my lap in his carrier, yowling up a storm. But as soon as we got home and I opened his carrier, he jumped out, started playing…his forever home. The poor boy was starving! There was no way we could keep him down!

While considering what to name him, we thought of Loki, because he was so funny. LOL, however, our neighbor had a Loki. We thought that might get a bit sticky. As we watched him “thunder” through the house and down the hall with those big paws, we knew we had to call him Thor!

Thor about 4 months.

Thor about 4 months, loves my laptop!

A Halloween kitty, Thor was born on October 31. He has always been somewhat of a Trickster. With those glowing eyes that he seems to know when to turn them on to attract attention! He is the center of our world and knows it!

Such a rowdy fluff ball, I had never seen! Jumping high, playing fetch, laying on his back, to tease us or at meal time. Which by the way, he knows exactly when it is time for his feeding… to the minute!

He only cuddles me on his own terms, which is after I go to bed, then he climbs right in bed and onto my chest, making sure I cannot read my Kindle, so I have no choice to snuggle back. He has done this since he was 3 pounds. He weighs about 15 pounds more nowadays!!

My husband, Steve, passed away last December; I know Thor grieves for him. When we play fetch, he takes the ball over to my husband’s chair and sits it down and waits.

He does love to play and loves his special toys. His best friend when he wants to “rough house” is his stuffed lemur, named Munkee. Other times it is Rosco and Bosco, both on strings, feathers on a fishing pole or string; he jumps so high after them! Such a daredevil; he dangles off the top of his 7-foot tree, off the sides of tables or the bed, just to scare me, I think!

I recently had his DNA tested, they concluded he was Maine Coon and Babydoll. Interesting! He is just a year and a half, just a baby, but they say that Maine Coons keep growing for five years! We shall see.

Thor hides and jumps out and tags anyone’s ankle when they pass by. He loves to scare them! I am sure he sits back and giggles to himself. Such a whimsical guy! He follows me around the house, like a puppy. Even if napping, he jumps up to see where I am going. He likes to race me anywhere I go, and he is fast as lighting.

Haha, I can still call him Thor, God of Thunder, Lighting and Strength! I am truly blessed to have found this “shy” kitty! He has brought so much joy!

Thor, being regal 1-2019

Thor’s intense stare, must be snack time.

Thor 3-2019. The climber, even though he has his own tree!

Thor before his haircut!

Before haircut 4-2019

Thor showing off after his haircut!

Thor after haircut (with Munkee) 6-2019

Thor, attack mode, locked on. 6-2019

Got it! Attacking my mouse and almost my hand! Hence, the blur!

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17 thoughts on “Guest Star: Thor’s Story

  1. Léa says:

    We are here to inform you that it is the cat/cats who rescue the human/humans. They would be lost without us. Colette, Simone, Balzac and the human (typist)

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  3. catladymac says:

    What a beautiful cat ! You two must be a comfort to one another after the loss of your husband. Purrs.

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