Mookie: I Just Want To Take A Nap


Who put this paper beside my bed.  I don’t want to play.  It’s my nap time.


Don’t my humans know I need my beauty rest?  


I have so much work to do before I can nap.  I’ll drop this piece behind the table.




One more to go and I can get some sleep.  


Oh no.  How’d you get in my bed?


Where’d it go now?


I give up. 

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18 thoughts on “Mookie: I Just Want To Take A Nap

  1. SGC Admin says:

    too cute… 🙂 my sister has a cat named Mookie… … she is so shy… and amazingly knows when my sister’s company has gone home… it is only after the last person has left that Mookie will allow herself to be seen… 🙂

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