Oliver: Blasts From the Past the Fish toy

Hello everyone,

Have I ever told you the story of me climbing up the cupboard? No you say?

Well when I was a tiny little kitten I used to LOVE climbing up on the top of the cupboard (Much to the dislike of my humans!) because I knew that my favorite toy was up there 😀

My little pink fishy… This was my favourite toy for 6 months of my life before it fell apart. 🙁

I still loved it even after it came off its rod and used to apport it back to my humans when they threw it =D

Anyway here is a super cute video of when I got up on the cupboard and decided to take matters into my own paws to get the fishy!

Thanks for reading,

Signed by,

His Meowjesty King Oliver the Maker of Mischief

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9 thoughts on “Oliver: Blasts From the Past the Fish toy

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    • Marc-André says:

      He has already chewed it off the stick before that video or I would have jumped up and rescued him. ?

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