Guest Story: Never Doubt What A Cat Can Accomplish

Hi everyone,

Today’s Guest Story comes from Dr. Signe A. Dayhoff, PhD and her cat George.

Never Doubt What A Cat Can Accomplish

This is my “disabled” cat “George.”

As a result of an accident before I adopted him, his left legs are only four inches long with no paws so he hobbles gingerly. But he’d never consider himself disabled. He loves to totter on a leash and explore the great outdoors with me on any kind of surface, although gravel does slow him down slightly.

He meets and stands his ground with any other animal, except reptiles. One day while peeking under Valerian leaves, he came face to face with a garden snake. I don’t know which critter was shocked more. They each high-tailed it, in different directions, although George, just turning himself around, took a minute or so before he took off.

When we were walking on our steep, four-hundred-foot driveway, a dog foolishly sauntered up toward us. This was thoroughly unacceptable to George. Instantly, he demonstrated that his motivation to abolish this scurrilous canine trespasser more than compensated for his ambulatory capabilities.

With his fluffy tail whirling like a wind turbine, he ran down the drive, leash dragging behind, panicking the poor dog, not only off the property, but also onto the rural road below. It was obvious that if I hadn’t caught up George just as he approached the asphalt, he would have continued. The dog disappeared and never returned.

Like cats in general, George could rise above his deficits, in his own way, to meet almost any challenge he wanted to.

I’m a psychologist, kitty mom to 26 senior, chronically ill, and disabled cats, and an author of seventeen (17) published books of which five (5) are cat memoirs.

Best regards,

Dr. Signe A. Dayhoff, PhD

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11 thoughts on “Guest Story: Never Doubt What A Cat Can Accomplish

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  2. loisajay says:

    George is adorable! His ‘fluffy tail twirling like a wind turbine’–what a wonderfully funny and totally accurate description of a cats’ tail. George, I love you!

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