What Have the Humans Done to our Food Bowl?!?

Hi everyone,

It’s me Rennie here today and you see me totally perplexed! Look the humans are passed me my dinner yesteryer but it came in this flower thingy called Aïkiou Thin Kat Interactive Cat Puzzle Slow Feeder.

Rennie: I mean seriously… why would you do this to me?!? How am I meant to get to my delicious food!

Nubia: Oh brother… I believe that’s the whole point of the puzzle feeder… to stop you gourmand from scoffing up all the food!

Renegade: What?!? Who are you calling fat!

Nubia: Well… I do see the humans having to clean-up behind you whenever you barf up your food..

Renegade: But but… it’s going to take me forever to fill my tummy! 🙁

Nubia: You do seem to be having a lot of fun actually… so stop complaining!

Renegade: But my head doesn’t quite fit in here… I  can get it in but I can’t open it to eat my delicious crunches. :'(

Freya: I do think that’s the point brother… just keep pawing at it. 😀

Penny: *Sigh* Silly adults… let me show you how you do this properly. 😀

Penny: Look! One crunchy at a time!

Oliver: Hmm…. Can I join you guys? 😮

Penny: Why did I show the adults how to use it?!? Now I’ll have to wait for my turn again *argh*

Nubia: Well why the siblings argue over who goes first it’s probably a good idea for me to point out why these feeders are so brilliant! Basically, they replace your feline friends’ normal food bowl to make dinner much more fun and interesting for them! In fact, some of you may have noticed that all five of us have come to play with this. 😉

But most importantly… if your feline friend suffers from scoffing up their entire amount of food or in our case the food of all five of us by himself *glares at Rennie* this will significantly slow them down eating to avoid the horrible barf moment.!

Head over to our blog shop where you can find them for an extra special price of £12 instead of the £17.99 RRP at the moment. 🙂

Aïkiou Thin Kat Interactive Cat Puzzle Slow Feeder

Signed by,

The entire Katzenworld Clowder! 😀

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7 thoughts on “What Have the Humans Done to our Food Bowl?!?

  1. meowmeowmans says:

    That’s really cute, and a great way to encourage better eating habits. And provide some activity at the same time. 🙂

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