First Time Cat Owner? Make Your New Feline Feel Fabulous

You have always been an animal lover from a very young age; every time you see a dog or a cat your inner self squeals with delight. After a lot of careful thought, you have finally decided to adopt a furry feline of your own. You want to make sure that you do everything you can to create a welcoming environment in your home, whether you’re looking out for behavioural changes or you’re seeking out the best treats. It’s time to get ready to welcome a new cool cat into your life. Keeping them healthy, safe and happy should always be your number one priority so consider the following fabulously feline tips right now.

Find the Best Food for Your Feline

You wouldn’t pick up a packet of food without reading the label first; this is exactly the same case for your new feline friend. You might want to consider purchasing high-quality cat food from Time for paws. You need to know exactly what you are putting into your cat’s body and it all start with basic nutrition. You may need to look at the carbohydrate and protein content in order to control your cat’s weight. It is certainly better to invest in high-quality food rather than waste your money on cheaper products that don’t provide adequate nutrition for them.

Pay a Visit to Your Vet

When you first get a cat, it is important to get them registered with a local veterinarian. This is will fundamental for your cat’s development and it will contribute to them living a long and pleasant life. Look for a vet that is local to your area and make sure they specialise in treating cats. As soon as you have touched base with your vet, you can have peace of mind that your cat will have all the necessary health tests and vaccinations they need. Similarly, if your cat was ever unfortunate enough to suffer from and illness or injury, you will already be registered for their healthcare. As long as you choose a vet that has plenty of experience in looking after cats, you will feel at ease handing over the wellbeing of your cat to them. You should also insure your cat just in case you have a large vet bill to cover in the future.

Treat Them to Toys

Just like a new baby, you need to stimulate your pet with toys and scratching posts to keep them busy. Cats love to sharpen their claws on rough surfaces so it is definitely worth investing in a scratching post. Not only will this save your sofa from being ripped to shreds, but it will also be a welcome treat for your new family member! You can encourage your cat to start playing with their new toy by scattering catnip around the area. 

Become Accustomed to the Litter Box Routine

You need to get used to changing your cat’s litter box on a regular basis. You don’t want germs to start spreading around the house and you want a comfortable, clean place for your cat to do their business every day. Make sure you scoop their poop every day and change their litter box around every five to six days. They won’t want to go there if it smells bad so consider a cat-friendly air freshener to keep the air sweet.

Do They Need Neutering? 

Every cat owner needs to consider spaying or neutering their feline friend. This needs to be done to help keep the animal population under control; you don’t want your cat to be getting pregnant within their first four months of life, so make sure you think about this carefully. You will also find that your cat is very well behaved once they have had this procedure; it can even help to protect them from cancer and infection. 

As a first-time feline owner, you will come up against several hurdles in the initial stages. However, your life will be made so much easier if you can enhance your knowledge ahead of time. When you know exactly what to expect, you will be able to take proper care of your cat without hesitation. Allow them plenty of time to settle into your household and remember that cats are pretty independent mammals; they may want their own space from time to time. When you get your first pet it is just like having a baby. You need to give them love, attention and health care just as you would a newborn! Now is your chance to make wonderful memories with your fabulous feline and welcome them seamlessly into the family for good.

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1 thoughts on “First Time Cat Owner? Make Your New Feline Feel Fabulous

  1. Léa says:

    Some excellent advice here. As the bosses around here usually come from the local SPA they are already established with a local vet. But my biggest concern is spaying and neutering. It is imperative. My three never go out but each has had their bit of surgery. We can’t be too careful with these precious lives entrusted to our care.

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