Meet Ken the Cat

Meet Ken the Cat

Like most cats, he’s a bit of a pr*ck.

A few years back, a former graduate of London’s  Central  St Martin’s College of Art, Steven Smith, started sketching his cat, Ken,  whenever he would do unsavoury things.

Steven ended up filling a sketchbook with hilarious scenes, and whenever friends came to visit they would ask to see Ken’s latest antics.

This brought so much joy and laughter to all that’s a wit, Steven decided to share Ken with the world.

Ken was a rescue cat –  he was treated pretty badly in his previous home. This may be why he acts like a  pr*ck ( or maybe it’s just because he’s a cat).

Cats Protection estimates that there are ​nine million stray cats in the UK alone, and many more living in terrible conditions. The goal of Ken the Cat is to highlight the issue of stray cats in a funny, lighthearted way, and help support the charities that work so hard to rescue, care for and rehome them.

They’ll do this by creating hilarious content that focuses on a breadth of topics, from cats being pr*cks, to what’s trending and critical responses to the news. As well as bringing joy to catlovers, they’ll be donating a  proportion of the profits made from the hilarious Ken the Cat products to helping cats in need.

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12 thoughts on “Meet Ken the Cat

  1. Elaine Lively says:

    Now that’s a cute idea!Go,Ken!!also I wish so many people in the UK.didn’t let their cats run loose,then whine.when they are hurt or killed..

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