Ha’Penny: It’s a Hard Life Being a Kitten

Hello everyone,

Today I get to talk for myself for the first time after the humans introduced me to you a few weeks back. 😀

Ha’Penny: And I learnt that human laps are super comfy and warm…

Ha’Penny: The only problem is… they keep moving about… why can’t they keep still!

Ha’Penny: Do they not know that trying to work while I am trying to sleep is disruptive? I have to re-adjust myself and get away from the laptop glare…

Ha’Penny: Maybe if I face this way? No… I am still not comfy…

Ha’Penny: So what do you do in order to get comfy on your human?!?

Signed by,

Her Meowjesty Princess Ha’Penny the Spotted One

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24 thoughts on “Ha’Penny: It’s a Hard Life Being a Kitten

  1. Léa says:

    It isn’t easy being a kitten and having to tweak some of the learned behaviors or bad habits humans have learned from previous felines. But if we persevere, all will be well. – Monsieur Balzac

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