Meet Ha’Penny the Latest Member of the Katzenworld Clowder

Hi everyone,

If you had asked us if we were going to increase the size of our Clowder a year ago we probably would have said no but… things change and we always loved meeting our friend Arthur who is an Australian Mist cat at cat events. So when his mother said she had Australian Mist kittens from her cattery Ayshazen Burmese & Australian Mist Cats and showed us photos of a little girl we just couldn’t resist.

And thus we decided to adopt Halfpenny aka Ha’Penny, lovingly named after her mother Penny.

At the beginning of June we head to our friend’s place to pick up our little Ha’Penny, as we knew it was going to be a rather long journey and we wanted our little one to have a comfy journey we grabbed one of the mobile pet beds of our Sponsor & Partner Sleepypod.

Please note the seat belt strap was removed from the secure strap for the photo to show Ha’Penny better.

Off we went with our new little family member securely in the car in her carrier.

Once we got home we went into our safe zone, the spare room, as with any new cat introduction you should start off with giving your new family member a sanctuary and take it slowly introducing them to the rest of your feline family.

It certainly didn’t take little Ha’Penny long to come out of her mobile pet bed to have a look around her new home and… to give Iain a little kiss. 🙂

Quickly she started exploring but a long car journey made the little one very hungry! So out came a tin of Almo Nature kitten food. 😀

After her afternoon snack it was playtime! We set up a Catit Super Circuit for her. These are great games for cats yound and old and especially kittens are attraced to the fun flashy bowl inside. 😀

After the fun and games with toy… time for more cuddles with one of her Daddies! And she loves playing with Iain’s nose!

But who could fault a cute little face like that for playing with one’s nose? 😉

Over the next few weeks we slowly introduced her to the rest of our clowder until eventually everyone accepted her, despite her kitten antiques!

And before long she found that I work a lot on my Mac, the one I am using to write this post right now, which has a Tigga Towers memory foam cat bed placed next to it on my desk to ensure that I always attract at least one “office cat” while working! And this soon became her favourite little resting place. 🙂

We hope you are looking forward to more stories of Ha’Penny and how she becomes part of the Katzenworld Clowder!



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55 thoughts on “Meet Ha’Penny the Latest Member of the Katzenworld Clowder

    • Marc-André says:

      Oh there is loads to come! Freya was the first wanting to adopt little PenPen (as we nicknamed her) and the naughties (we call Freya and Rennie that because of a certain tendency to be up to no good…) have actually started acting as mummy and daddy. ?

  1. Holly G. says:

    My heart just melted! Congratulations on bringing this cutie home! I can see the adorable stories and photos to come now. One big happy family! 🙂

  2. Dash Kitten says:

    Isn’t she just the most astonishing cat! I love the silver tabby colours and the gentle face!

    • Marc-André says:

      🙂 she is a little sweety and yes her face means she even gets away with running at 300 miles an hour over the kitchen surface. ?

  3. erinthecatprincess says:

    Stunning little lady, and I bet she will know it too 😉
    Mrs H couldn’t help but comment that, as they say in political circles, ‘The Nose Have it!’ If you are groaning at that joke, like me, then I’ll give Mrs H a smacky paw from you and Iain, MOL
    Purrs to your adorable new family member.
    ERin and a sore Mrs H

  4. Correne Sinclair says:

    She is adorable! Congratulations on the new family member. Looking forward to seeing more photos:)

  5. zodiacimmortal says:

    awww shes a cutie and so sweet looking. Just wanted to bring something to your attention… you wrote….”despite her kitten antiques” i’m thinking you mean ANTICs (as in foolish, outrageous, or amusing behavior.) not items of antiquity

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