Guest Star: Taz the Tonkinese

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Today we have a guest feature from Connie Kops for you:

My Tonkinese cat Taz was missing for 18 months and 20 days. He disappeared 9/5/17, 5 days before Hurricane Irma.

I live in Fort Myers, Florida.
From what I can tell, I believe he was outside during the hurricane. He is an indoor cat, but somehow slipped out.
I reported him missing, and did everything within my power to find him. On 3/25/19 I received a phone call from a vet
clinic stating that they had Taz! That was incredibly exciting news, and I ran right over to get him. Taz recognized me
right away, and was very happy to see me. He was found within a mile from where I used to live.
According to the woman who brought him to the vet, a neighbor was feeding Taz. When he moved, he gave Taz to this woman. She had him for a month before she brought Taz to the vet for a checkup. No one had him checked for a chip. But the clinic automatically checks for a chip, when a new cat is brought in.
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