According To Dr. Cat: Episode Four

Post by Stephanie Musarra
Dr. Cat: Episode 4″

“Dr. Cat! The police are at the door looking for you! What have you been doing?” I inquired.

Dr. Cat arched his back, and his eyes got really big. “Meow-oh!”
Officer London led Dr. Cat to the side of my yard. “What have you been growing? Hmm? Looks like marijuana.”
Dr. Cat rolled his eyes and led the cop into his office. He pulled out a book, opened it to a page marked with a fishbone, and showed it to the officer.
“Sir,” he growled, “I can assure you this is catnip. Marijuana does look similar, but weed has no affect on cats.”
He slammed the book shut, and hissed at the officer.
Dr. Cat gave Officer London the paw, and ran into his office, wagging his tail in irritation.
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