According To Dr. Cat: Episode Two

Post by Stephanie Musarra
Dr. Cat perched on his shelf a couple feet above his desk. He was wearing a tie with fishbones on it.
He licked his paw. “How can I help you today?”
“I feel achy, and I have chills.”
Dr. Cat handed me a bottle of cat treats. “Take two of these, and call me in the morning.”
I visited Dr. Cat a few days later. He was back on his perch.
“I took a couple doses of this medicine, and it was so salty that it raised my blood pressure!”
Dr. Cat jumped from his perch onto my lap.
“Ouch! C’mon, you weigh almost 30 pounds!”
Dr. Cat returned to his desk, and straightened his tie. “I wasn’t aiming for you. I was aiming for the fly buzzing by your head.”
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