The Adventures of the Katzenworld Cats: The New Bed?!?

Hi everyone,

Today our little masters of mischief are involved in a cartoon collaboration with our sponsor Sleepypod.

Even trialing a new product never gets boring with the two naughties. 😉

Trips to the vets are already stressful enough as they are for us and our feline friends so why use a carrier that is uncomfortable and causes your companion to be stressed before you even get to the vet?

Us humans often think that a carrier has to be a plastic box that only comes out when we take them to the vet but sadly that is exactly the wrong approach… Your companion will soon realise that said plastic box is not their idea of a fun box that cats would usually gravitate to!

A great tip of advice from us and other feline experts is to get your cat used to a carrier long before the vet trip, ideally leaving it out all the time. But who wants to have a rectangular plastic carrier in their living room all the time?

Well, this is where Sleepypod has just the solution and we and our cats love it! The Sleepypod mobile pet bed is as the name says both a pet bed and a carrier! While at home simply remove the top and store it in the cupboard to have a luxurious and nice bed for your feline friend. Need to go to the vet? No problem anymore as your companion will have most likely decided it’s a comfy bed like our little Rennie. 😉

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16 thoughts on “The Adventures of the Katzenworld Cats: The New Bed?!?

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  2. Crystal says:

    I have a Sleepy Pod but my cat won’t go in it. It’s great. It’s lined with velveteen to make it soft. I’ve even put catnip on the bottom to try to make it attractive to my cat. Why won’t my cat sleep in it? It’s roomier and the lid is off.

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